Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I no longer blog here as most of my friends are not on this and the other one gives me custom listings and friends only entries.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Friday, December 26, 2003

Life has been cool so far (infact frozen). It was the day before christmas and I was expecting something which was totally different.I went to downtown andsaw ALL THE SHOPS CLOSED. I cant beleive that these people sit at home on an holiday. Now what to do? I have no idea. So came back home. My friend vinod had to go for work. So I slept.....then his room mate was going back to india...so he needed some space to pack his things.......now u can really know how much space I can occupy.....So I went to Harsha's place.....but he wasnt there. I slept in his room. After a while, he came we spoke for sometime and had Eggs.....I was damn hungry I guess.

Dec 25th morning 6:30.....vinod's friend Saurabh arrives from Lexington, Kentucky. This place is supposed to have huge buildings (not vertically but laterally). We spoke for few minutes and vinod came. We went to his house and then what? thought of going out to OHare......but all the shops were closed so cudnt even buy an CTA pass. So went back home and slept.

Next day My flight was at 9 AM to Greenville !!!!! I woke up at 4 and packed all my stuff. Woke harsha and saurabh also. the we left our house at 5:30. Then reached OHare by 7 AM. Vinod was supposed to come directly. But I just checked in and cudnt meet him. Now I was waiting in lounge till 8:55 AM, till my flight boarding was open.

The flight was really a small one, a 50 seater one. I reached Greenville and was waiting to collect my luggage. BULLSHIT !!! to get a cart i need to pay 3 $.....cant help....I cant even think of taking the luggage without the cart. took one.....i had only 3 $ and one quarter in change. Now I had to call up ISA guy. I dont have 50 cents......I asked where I can get the change....they said its available in the first floor....damn....I cant leave my luggage there with the cart and I cant take it up also.

Then one lady gave me her mobile to call. Those ISA guys were outside. I went out and got into their car. It was 40 minutes drive to clemson. Then i got all my luggage and put it inside my friends house.

More to come.....what happened in clemson and how is clemson?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

So after long time I am postin this next edition. I know that not many people will be looking at this.

Anyway as I told you, Harsha and Vinod came to pick me up from OHare Airport. We dragged (sorry those 2 guiys dragged) the 2 big aircases.....I dunno how I managed to keep those two on the cart myself :) Then we took the Red line (or Blue Line) I dont remember the color......The trains have different colors for different routes.....(only the board color is different...not the whole train color)....Then we changed to Green Line at Clark/Lake. Then reached Roosevelt. From where we took a cab. I reahced there place. 60East, 32nd street.....what a convention for address used here!!!!!!

His apartment was in 8th floor. Went there and took bath......both of them asked whether I was tired....as usual I thought I wasnt tired. So we went for a movie. "IN AMERICA"...The theater was AMC...it had more than 10 screens I guess....something of the sort of INNOVATIVE MULTIPLEX at bangalore.....but a bigger version.I watched all the trailors b4 the movie started. As soon as the movie started I slept.....Next scene is "Magane yeddolo....manege hogana" (Get up ... lets go home).....The movie was over.

Went home and slept nicely till 2 AM.....now what .... not getting sleep......free high speed net connection....cant help....started playing games on yahoo....I think I got addicted to this.

Next day planned to go out.....but as you know plans never work. I slept at 4 when we were supposed to go out. I called harsha to my place saying we will go out and started a movie. I slept and he watched the movie ..... poor fellow.

Next day we went to downtown...ie to Bank One...where Vinod has lots n lots of money ;). The building was awesome. Then we went to Shedd Aquarium and spent sometime...sorry 5 hrs there watching all the fishes(ofcourse).....One of my friend was also there....i guess you know him.....Anaconda (the one who acted with Jennifer Lopez)....he was damn busy sleeping. SO thought I will not disturb him....coz i know the pain when somebody wakes me up when I am sleeping. As soon as I came out of the Aqurium......I saw SNOW. I had seen this b4 ofcourse in TV. Now I saw it in real. Then went home and all were really tired.

Then came the best part....cooking!!!!!!!!!!! We cooked and ate (ofcourse)....U wanna what we ate? I dont think its necessary to have names for all the dishes. The technique used here is boil and eat...yummy isnt it?

Slept again....will write when I wake up.

You can check out the pics at PHOTOS

Monday, December 22, 2003

In this mail I am going to write about my journey to USA (supposed to be the dreamland).

Packed everything and ready to leave at 5:30. Reached airport by 6 or 6:15. Advani was coming to bangalore...so tight security.....as usual the consequence is traffic jam.

Waited outside airport till 7. Then went inside.....two huge suitcases (how am i going to manage???). I went inside and did lot of circus to put the huge ones on a trolley. Finally i was succesful. then went near the srilankan airlines counter....checked in my luggage....and sat there watching my family (who were standing on the other side of the glass). Time to go for Immigration check.....done smoothly and went inside. Waiting room was quite good...becoz it had a free telephone ;)....called up my dad and few friends and told nothing went wrong so far. Finally the time came for me to board the flight.....(still feeling as if i am going to mysore from bangalore...usual stuff). Entered the flight and as i got window seat...started looking outside.the take off scene was damn kool. then experienced the newtons law of gravity at 10:12 AM (dont worry...i am not going to give all the details....of time...coz i remember only this). Reached colombo and went to waiting lounge. It was better than bangalore airport. My flight was supposed to be at 2:45....but it got delayed by an hr. Then the flight journey was kool. No one was next to me so slept aaram se. The scenes of europe and asia were damn kool....although most of it was cloudy....(clouds were also good ... ;) When I was about to land in London.....the scene was superb....i was just searching for OVAL...i cudnt figure out where it was.

My next flight was 2 hrs after landing....rushed to the security check ...huge Q....cant do anything just stood in line. Finally I got someone to talk. A lady from Pune going to NY. then after the security check rushed to United Airlines counter to get my boarding pass. The london Heathrow airport was amazing. I arrived in terminal 4 and my next flight was in terminal 3. Went there by a bus which took about 10 mins. This was one of the amazing things i have seen. Terminal 3 after getting the baording pass: you must see the crowd, it was like Majestic or rather market crowd. (only the number not anything else) There were more than 50 gates !!!! Mine was Gate 16. Rushed thru in. Security check again......too much !!!! finally i boarded the plane. This time it was full....not comfortable....but ok....reahced chicago at 3 PM. Got immigration checked and also got the baggage. Finally came out to see my friends waiting for me (Vinod and Harsha).

Thats all for now.